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Until the World End


Until the End of the World

the wim wenders collection


Wim Wenders

Solveig Dommartin
William Hurt
Sam Neill
Jeanne Moreau
Chick Ortega
Max Von Sydow
Eddy Mitchell
Rudiger Vogler


UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD is “the ultimate road movie,” a journey around the globe, a modern-day odyssey—and it certainly bears similarities to Homer’s saga. However, the aim of this journey is the spiritual reconciliation between an obsessed father and his lost son. In UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD, Penelope decides to set out in pursuit of Odysseus.

In order to enable his blind wife (Jeanne Moreau) to see, Dr. Farber (Max von Sydow) invents a process that makes it possible to transmit the images recorded in the brain of sighted people directly into the visual system of blind people.

Farber’s son Sam (William Hurt) sets out on a journey around the world in order to “see” and record the various stations of his mother’s life for her. The French woman Margot (Solveig Dommartin) falls in love with him and sets out in pursuit of him. She, in turn, is followed by the author Eugene (Sam Neill), who is recording her adventure.

US, Germany, France, Australia | 1991 | 158 min