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Travellers and Magicians

Travellers and Magicians

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Khyentse Norbu

Tsewang Dandup
Sonam Lhamo

"A film so enchanting one hates to see it come to an end" Los Angeles Times.

From the writer / director of THE CUP, set amidst the pristine beauty of the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, the acclaimed TRAVELLERS AND MAGICIANS follows the restless Dondup, a handsome young government officer convinced that making money in America is the answer to his frustrations. As he hitchhikes towards his goal, he shares the road with a monk, a papermaker and his fair daughter, and an apple-seller. As they travel, the monk tells a tale that forces Dondup to question his desires.

WINNER: Emerging Director at Asian American Film Festival / Audience Award at Deauville Asian Film Festival

Australia, Bhutan | Bhutanese | 2003 | 107 min