Hanway Films

The Price of Milk

The Price of Milk

The New Zealand Film Commission Collection


Harry Sinclair

Danielle Cormack
Karl Urban
Willa O'Niell
Rangi Motu
Lawrence Makoare  

Two lovers live on a dairy farm in a beautiful green valley... Lucinda (Danielle Cormack) and Rob (Karl Urban) and their 117 cows lead a charmed existence in a magical land. He milks, she's the honey. But Lucinda is worried that their happiness cannot last. She tests their love with a game of sabotage that threatens to curdle everything. Deceived by her conniving friend Drosophila (Willa O'Neill) and watched over by a mysterious old lady (Rangi Motu), Lucinda must learn the price of milk before it's too late and she loses Rob forever.

English | 2000 | 87 mins