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The Hit


The Hit

The Jeremy Thomas Collection


Stephen Frears

John Hurt
Tim Roth
Laura Del Sol
Terence Stamp                   

In a London courtroom Willie Parker (Terence Stamp) betrays his criminal accomplices to the law. and, Despite being legally pardoned, he realises that he has, in effect, sentenced himself to death. Willie moves to a remote village in Spain and, certain that his former colleagues will eventually seek revenge, spends the next ten years meticulously preparing for his eventual execution. Finally a hit man, Braddock (John Hurt), is hired to snatch Willie and deliver him to Paris where he will meet his maker. Braddock and his sidekick Myron (Tim Roth) find themselves in an extraordinary situation: they have come to abduct and kill a man who is perfectly willing to die.

WINNER: Best Actor for John Hurt at Evening Standard British Film Awards, Best Actor for Tim Roth, John Hurt and Terence Stamp at MystFest

NOMINEE: Best Outstanding Newcomer BAFTA for Tim Roth, Special Distinction at Independent Spirit Awards

UK | English | 1984 | 98 mins | HD