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The Falls


The Falls

The BFI Collection


Peter Greenaway

Peter Westley
Aad Wirtz
Michael Murray
Lorna Poulter

"A three-hour British masterpiece" Financial Times.

Assembled over a five-year period from a combination of self-generated and found film footage, THE FALLS is a pivotal work in Greenaway's career. Shot as a fake documentary and assembled from a dazzling array of fictive elements, THE FALLS takes the form of a directory detailing the biographies of the 92 victims of the Violent Unknown Event (or V.U.E.), a mysterious apocalyptic occurrence that has left a substantial section of the British public speaking bizarre, invented languages, dreaming of water and identifying themselves with birds.

WINNER: BFI Film Award, L'Age d'Or at Brussels Film Festival

UK | English | 1980 | 185 mins