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The Draughtsman's Contract

The Draughtsman's Contract

The BFI Collection


Peter Greenaway

Anthony Higgins
Janet Suzman
Anne Louise Lambert

"A tantalizing puzzle, wrapped in eroticism and presented with the utmost elegance" Roger Ebert.

"Its pleasures do not fade... One can still marvel at this cerebral romp of a film that combines both 17th century country house murder mystery with a witty treatise on sex, lies and draughtsmanship." The Guardian..

The premise of Peter Greenaway's first fiction feature (after the mockumentary THE FALLS) seems simple "a wealthy lady hires an artist to make twelve drawings of her house, but when he demands "the unrestricted freedom of her most intimate hospitality" as payment, and the man of house seems to be missing, probably murdered, we realise there is a lot more bubbling beneath the elegant surface.

UK | English | German | Dutch | 1983 | 103 min