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Terence Davies Trilogy

Terence Davies Trilogy

The BFI Collection


Terence Davies

Philip Naudesley
Terry O'Sullivan
Wilfred Brambell
Sheila Raynor

"One of the best endeavours from the bfi in artistic quality and in raw emotional power" Variety.

"Davies transforms his account of Liverpudlian Robert Tucker's development from victimised schoolboy, though a closeted, Catholic gay middle age, and final death in a hospital, into a rich, resonant tapestry of impressionistic detail. There is plenty to enjoy: a bleak, wry wit and an imaginative use of music undercutting the grim but beautiful imagery; flashes of appropriate surrealism; and superb performances throughout...

But what really elevates the films into their own timeless realm is the luminous attention to faces in close-up: a stylish strategy that turns an otherwise chastening look at a lonely man's life into an uplifting experience." Time Out.

UK | English | 1983 | 94 min