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Small TIme

Small Time

The BFI Collection


Shane Meadows

Dena Smiles
Mat Hand
Gena Kawecka
Shane Meadows

"A gritty-witty collision of Tarantino, Loach and Leigh" Evening Standard.

"Instead of sitting in Soho griping about not getting any development finance from Channel Four, Nottingham twentysomething Shane Meadows picked up his camcorder, got his mates round and shot this hilarious, down-to-earth and touchingly real story of feckless criminals on the mean streets of Sneinton.

Apart from financial considerations, shooting on video (blown up to 35mm for release) provides an instant style - handheld, brightly coloured and immediate. And Meadows - writer, director, producer and no mean actor in his role as Jumbo, Sneinton's chubby answer to Joe Pesci - is quite simply a natural." Premiere.

UK | English | 1996 | 60 min | Colour