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Paris, Texas


Paris, Texas

The Wim Wenders Collection


Wim Wenders

L.M. Kit Carson (adaptation)
Sam Shepard

Harry Dean Stanton
Nastassja Kinski
Dean Stockwell                   


Pushes the frontier [of film] three steps forward into new and sublime territory – Time Out.

Paris, Texas is probably Wim Wenders' most well known, critically acclaimed, and successful movie, winning a number of international prizes including the Cannes Palme D'Or for Best Film in 1984. This unusual road movie, with screenplay by acclaimed playwright Sam Shepard, tells the tale of Travis, a man lost in his own private hell. Presumed dead for four years, he reappears from the desert on the Mexico border, world-weary and an amnesiac. With extraordinary performances from Harry Dean Stanton as Travis and Natassja Kinski as Jane, the film also boasts a soundtrack by Ry Cooder.

WINNER: 14 awards including Palme D'or at Cannes Film Festival and BAFTA for Best Director

NOMINEE: Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film

English | 1984 | 148 min | HD