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Land Of Plenty


Land of Plenty

HanWay Collection


Wim Wenders

Michelle Williams
John Diehl
Shaun Toub


"Unmistakably the effort of an enduringly distinctive and important filmmaker“ Los Angeles Times.

Paul, a Vietnam Vet with war trauma re-triggered by 9/11, drives the streets of Los Angeles searching for terrorists he is sure will strike again. Michelle Williams (BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA), plays his liberal niece Lana, who has come to California from Palestine to work at a homeless mission. When they witness the drive-by shooting of a Middle Eastern hobo, they decide to investigate together, despite opposing points of view. A thoughtful look at post-9/11 America.

WINNER: UNESCO Award at Venice Film Festival. NOMINEE: Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival

USA | English | 2004 | 123 min