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Goya's Ghosts


An Education

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Milos Forman

Javie Bardem
Natalie Portman
Stellen Skarsgard

Hanway Period Drama

From two-time Oscar winning director Milos Forman and three-time Oscar-winning producer Saul Zaentz, GOYA'S GHOSTS is a sweeping historical epic, told through the eyes of celebrated Spanish painter Francisco Goya (Stellen Skarsgard). Set against the backdrop of political turmoil at the end of the Spanish Inquisition, with an all-star cast, including Oscar winner Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman as Goya's muse (CLOSER, STAR WARS).

NOMINEE: 5 Awards including three Goyas

Spain | English | 2005 | 113 min