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Faraway, So Close!


Faraway, So Close!



Wim Wenders

Otto Sander
Bruno Ganze
Nastassja Kinski             

A sequel to Wender's Der Himmel Aber Berlin (Wings of Desire), it again follows a group of angels in the German capital who look longingly upon the life of humans.

The film opens with the angel Cassiel (Otto Sander) standing on the statue of the Angel of Victory overlooking post-Cold War Berlin. While angels are forbidden to directly intervene in the lives of humans, Cassiel impulsively breaks this rule when he saves a little girl who falls from the balcony of an apartment block. Suddenly made flesh and blood, Cassiel attracts attention from Emit Flesti (Willem Dafoe), the overseer of angels on the physical plane, and who will make things difficult for Cassiel now that he's living among the humans.

German, English | 1993 | 146 mins