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Everybody Wins


Everybody Wins

The Jeremy Thomas Collection


Karel Reisz

Screenplay by
Arthur Miller

Debra Winger
Nick Nolte
Will Patton

Arthur Miller wrote this original screenplay about Tom O'Toole (Nick Nolte), a big-time investigator considering whether or not to get involved in a small town case. The attraction is Angela (Debra Winger), a mysterious woman with a hidden past. Angela tells O'Toole that she can prove a miscarriage of justice is taking place. She claims that an innocent young man named Felix has been falsely charged with the brutal murder of his uncle. Another attraction for O'Toole is the opportunity to confront the state prosecutor, an old adversary, and settle some scores. O'Toole receives cryptic warnings to stay away from the case, Angela seems reluctant to disclose much about herself, and O'Toole begins to suspect that he is in too deep as his attraction to Angela grows.

UK, USA | English | 1990 | 98 mins