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Matteo Garrone

Marcello Fonte
Edoardo Pesce
Alida Baldari Calabria
Nunzia Schiano
Adamo Dionisi

Jeremy Thomas                          
Jean Labadie                            
Alessio Lazzareschi                          



From the director of the Golden Globe-nominated Gomorrah (winner of the Cannes Jury Prize), comes the true story of one of Italy’s most notorious crimes.

Two old friends. Lucio is meek and mild, a simple man who owns a dog parlour and dotes on his young daughter. Simoncino is an unhinged boxer, a bully fresh out of prison and looking for danger.

Bound by loyalty, Lucio goes along with Simoncino’s wild plans, becoming his sidekick in a spate of drug-fuelled robberies that terrorise their small town.

Controlled by the charismatic Simoncino, Lucio betrays his community. When things spiral out of control, he incriminates himself to take the rap for Simoncino, and is jailed for a year away from his daughter.

Having lost everything, the scales fall from Lucio’s eyes. The Dogman seeks revenge on Simoncino, tooth and nail in a battle for honour.

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