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Distant Voices, Still Lives


Distant Voices, Still Lives

The BFI Collection


Terence Davies

Nicholas Ward Jackson

Freda Dowie
Pete Postlethwaite
Angela Walsh
Lorraine Ashbourne                      

The second film in Terence Davies's autobiographical series (TRILOGY, THE LONG DAY CLOSES) is an impressionistic view of a working-class family in 1940s and 1950s Liverpool, based on Davies's own family.

"Ambitious, intelligent and profoundly moving" – Time Out.

"The best British film in years and maybe the best autobiographical film ever. This two-part tale of a Liverpool family in the war and post-war years has a dazzling force and originality. It is in part animated family album, part threnody for a dead England, part tragedy, part comedy. It is even part musical...The film has that unmistakable stamp of greatness: complete particularity of place, time and character, combined with universality of emotion." – Financial Times.

WINNER: Fipresci Prize at Cannes Film Festival, Golden Leopard Award at Locarno Film Festival, International Critics' Award at Toronto Film Festival, Best Foreign Film from Los Angeles Film Critics Association

UK | English | 1988 | 85 min | HD