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Rabbit Proof Fence

Rabbit Proof Fence

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JPhilip Noyce

Kenneth Branagh
Everlyn Sampi
Laura Monaghan
Tianna Sansbury

Hanway Drama

"A movie as exciting and accessible as it is timely" Hollywood Reporter

This is the true story of three young Aborginal girls of mixed race, Molly, 14, her little sister Daisy, 10, and her cousin Gracie, 8. Torn from their family by government officials in 1931, they were transported to a distant training camp to prepare them for "integration" into white society, as servants.

Determined to return to their family, the girls escape. One step ahead of the authorities, we follow their epic journey over 1,500 miles of Australia's outback, along the rabbit-proof fence that will lead them home.

WINNER: 21 Awards including 7 Audience Awards. NOMINEE: Golden Globe for Best Original Score for Peter Gabriel

Australia | English | 2002 | 154 min