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In Production


Wash Westmoreland

Screenplay by
Wash Westmoreland
Richard Glatzer
Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Keira Knightley
Dominic West
Fiona Shaw
Robert Pugh
Denise Gough
Dickie Beau
Ray Panthaki
Shannon Tarbet
Rebecca Root
Arabella Weir

Pamela Koffler
Elizabeth Karlsen
Stephen Woolley
Christine Vachon
Michel Litvak
Gary Michael Walters


Keira Knightley plays Colette in the fascinating story of the woman behind the scandalous Claudine and Gigi novels that dazzled French society in 1920s Paris.

The film follows Colette’s rise from country girl to darling of the Parisian demi-monde with her husband Willy Gauthier-Villars (Dominic West). An author in his own right, Willy mentors Colette and later betrays her, as her stories gain them fame and notoriety.

COLETTE is a compelling insight into the life of a brilliant young woman as she forges her own independence.