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Century of Cinema Series


Century of Cinema Series

The BFI Collection


Classic Britain | Documentary

"The best thing to happen to film history in years" New York Times

THE CENTURY OF CINEMA is a series of highly personal documentaries made by leading film directors throughout the world taking a diversity of approaches to national cinemas.

Highlights include Martin Scorsese on American cinema, Jean-Luc Godard on French cinema and Stephen Frears on British cinema.

  • CHINA: Yang and Yin Gender in CHinese Cinema
  • KOREA: Gilwe-En Younghwa
  • NEW ZEALAND: A Cinema of Unease: A Personal Journey by Sam Neil
  • JAPAN: 100 Years of Japanese Cinema
  • IRELAND: Irish Cinema: Ourselves Alone?
  • AFRICA: Aristotle's Plot
  • POLAND: 100 Lat W Kinie
  • RUSSIA: Russkaya Ideja
  • INDIA: And The Show Goes On
  • AUSTRALIA: 40,000 Years of Dreaming: A century of Australian Cinema
  • GREAT BRITAIN: Typically British: A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen Frears
  • USA: A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies
  • SCANDINAVIA: Jag Ar Nyfiken, Film
  • BRAZIL: Cinema de Lagrimas
  • GERMANY: Die Nacht Der Regisseure
  • FRANCE: 2 X 50 Years of French Cinema by Jean-Luc Godard