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Brideshead Revisited


Brideshead Revisited

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Julian Jarrold

Matthew Goode
Hayley Atwell
Ben Whishaw
Emma Thompson

Matthew Goode (MATCH POINT, THE IMITATION GAME) stars as lower-class Londoner Charles Ryder, an aspiring artist who is beginning his studies in history at Oxford in the 1920s. A chance encounter with dandy aristocrat Sebastian Flyte (Ben Whishaw, BRIGHT STAR) changes the course of his life. Upon meeting Sebastian's coquettish younger sister and overbearing mother, Charles has to face the conflicts of class, religion, and desire which seem to enmesh the upper-class family and their estate, Brideshead.

NOMINEE: 10 Awards including BIFA for Best Supporting Actress - Emma Thompson

UK | English | 2007 | 133 min | HD