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Boys are Back


Boys are Back

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Scott Hicks

Clive Owen
Emma Booth

"The film has moments of fun, terror and real emotion“ Los Angeles Times.

Meet Joe, Artie and Harry three rogues living in a boy's paradise on a sunny street in Queensland. Trouble is, Joe is a widowed father and Artie and Harry are his sons, aged six and 14 respectively. Adapted from a memoir, Clive Owen stars as the reckless dad who learns to parent after his wife dies suddenly. A wisecracking sportswriter, his "just say yes" philosophy leads to a chaos of late nights, messy bedrooms and junk food. Warm and poignant, this is Scott Hicks (SHINE) back on form.

NOMINEE: BIFA for Most Promising Newcomer George MacKay

UK, Australia | English | 2009 | 100 min | HD