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Blood & Wine


Blood and Wine

The Jeremy Thomas Collection


Bob Rafelson

Jack Nicholson
Stephen Dorff
Michael Caine                             Jennifer Lopez

An engrossing thriller “ and one sparkling with intelligence, with the surprising twists grounded in credible human behaviour“ Time Out.

Blood is thicker than wine in this taut thriller from director Bob Rafelson (FIVE EASY PIECES [1970], THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE [1981] and BLACK WIDOW [1987]). Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson brings his unique talent to the role of Alex Gates, a crooked wine merchant who schemes to steal a priceless diamond necklace with his best friend, the veteran safe-cracker Victor Spansky, played by Michael Caine. Their plans are accidentally thwarted by Alex's jealous wife and embittered stepson when they unwittingly gain possession of the stolen jewels. Jennifer Lopez, in one of her first starring roles, plays Nicholson's girlfriend in this story of larceny and lust.

US | English | 1995 | 101 mins | HD