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Bill Douglas Trilogy


Bill Douglas Trilogy

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Bill Douglas

Stephen Archibald
Hughie Restorick
Paul Kermack

Quite probably the finest achievement of the British cinema in the 1970s. Stunning in its bleakly beautiful imagery, it tells of a desperately impoverished and unwanted Scottish boy growing up in a dour mining town and gradually casting off self-pity as he begins his first hesitant moves in making his way in the world.

"Because of the years that separate the making of the three films, Douglas' remarkable alter ego, Stephen Archibald, literally grows up before our eyes." Los Angeles Times.

MY CHILDHOOD - 1972 | 48 min | Black & White

MY AIN FOLK - 1973 | 55 min | Black & White

MY WAY HOME - 1978 | 78 min | Black & White