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A Woman's Tale


A Woman's Tale

The Paul Cox Collection


Paul Cox

Shelia Florance
Gosia Dobrowolska

'One of the best directors of our time, [this] is one of his best works" Roger Ebert>

Sheila Florance won the Australian Academy Award for her delightful performance as Martha, a modern, spirited woman trapped in an old and failing body.

Terminally ill, she is determined her final days will be on her own terms. She will continue to live alone in her city apartment with her canary, her books and memories, lending her bed to a friend who is having an illicit affair, keeping an eye on her befuddled ex-RAF officer neighbour, retaining humour and dignity in the face of death.

WINNER: AFI Award for Best Actress

NOMINEE: Three awards including AFI Award for Best Screenplay

Australia | English | 1991 | 93 mins