Hanway Films

A Trick of the Light

A Trick of Light



Wim Wenders

Udo Kier
Christoph Merg
Nadine Buerrner
Lucie Hutgen-Skladanowsky
Otto Kuhnle

"Evokes the magic of the cinema as it was being invented with an infinite charm" LA Times.

A rare gem of cinematic storytelling that weaves docudrama, fictional reenactment, and experimental photography into a powerful, reflective work on the early days of German cinema.

Directed by Wim Wenders along with 19 students from the Munich Film Academy, the film reappraises the importance of the Skladanowsky Brothers, one of the pioneers of early cinema. The German-born duo invented the "bioskop", an early version of the film projector, at the same time as the Lumiere Brothers in France and Edison in America, and thereby co-invented "moving pictures".

Germany | German | 1996 | 79 mins