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20,000 Days On Earth

20,000 Days on Earth

HanWaY Collection


Jane Pollard & Ian Forsyth

Nick Cave
Kylie Minogue
Warren Ellis

20,000 Days on Earth weaves drama and reality in a fictionalised 24 hours in the life of internationally acclaimed musician, author and screenwriter Nick Cave.

Cave's story is both extraordinary and strikingly universal. It takes us deep into the heart of how myth, memory, love and loss, shape each and every one of our lives, every single day.

The film explores the creative process, encounters collaborators from Cave's past and bears witness to startlingly frank insights from this icon of modern culture. It reveals what makes us who we are and what influences who we want to become ultimately, it is a love letter to the transformative power of the human spirit.

USA | English | 2014 | 97 min