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Reviews Round Up: Praise For The Limehouse Golem


Branded as a "devilishly good and gruesome mystery” The Limehouse Golem has received high praise for its daring script, its dark depiction of Victorian London and it’s band of talented actors. Here’s a reviews round up and links to the full articles below

Guardian: The Limehouse Golem review – an upturned Victorian murder mystery

4 stars | September 12, 2016 | Jordan Hoffman

We’ll get to the juicy and suspenseful murder mystery in a moment, but all discussion about The Limehouse Golem must begin with Bill Nighy. As Scotland Yard detective John Kildare, Nighy and his late Victorian suits seem like they’ve stepped out of a painting. It’s not just the way he looks or talks, but his elegant stride, his mercurial humour as he scrutinises clues and the way he deflects questions or reminders about his station in life. He is a greatly respected man, but one who will likely never get the position he deserves thanks to suspicions of “not being the marrying kind”.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the plot, but not all of them are satisfying. What does work are the performances, specifically Cooke and the richly sympathetic character she creates. Her husband thinks so, too, which is why he spends most of their time together writing a play about his idealised vision of her, and how he fits in as her saviour. The problem comes when fantasy and reality fail to meet. Just when you think you never want to see another 1880s London prostitute get stabbed by a mysterious psychopath, along comes a movie like this that puts a nice spin on it. Medina’s style favours a shimmering, high-contrast texture with cold blue and grey exteriors, making the warm, orange-lit theatre even more inviting. Naturally anyone living in such a cruel place would be drawn to the world of make-believe.


Evening Standard | 4 stars |

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