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All the Real Girls

All The Real Girls

The jean doumanian Collection


David Gordon Green

Paul Schneider
Zooey Deschanel
Shea Wingham  

"Captures both the world-stopping intensity and the delicate absurdity of youthful longing" New York Times

David Gordon Green's follow-up to the acclaimed George Washington.

Paul (Paul Schneider) has lived in a small town all his life, has never been out of the county. He works as a grease monkey for his uncle Leland (Benjamin Mouton) and hangs with a devoted circle of rowdy friends that he's known for ever. It's a place of rednecks, mill hands, beer-slugging pontificators and fallen southern belles. Paul's life changes when he falls for Tip's younger sister Noel, (Zooey Deschanel), who has just graduated from boarding school and returned to town. Although he's had more than his share of romantic experiences, he has never felt anything like this.

WINNER: Special Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival

US | English | 2003 | 90 mins | HD